The Megalopolis Saxophone Orchestra:

When the French scholar Jean Gottmann (1915-1994) was asked about his first trip along the Northeastern Seaboard of America in 1942, the most striking feature he discovered was "the density of great cities along this coast, from Boston to Washington…it resulted obviously from the coalescence, recently achieved, of a chain of metropolitan areas, each of which grew around a substantial urban nucleus. The super-metropolitan character of this vast area, the greatest such growth ever observed, called for a special name. We chose the word ‘Megalopolis’...”

Described by composer Stephen Dankner as a “simply gorgeous” ensemble, and hailed for their “exceptional musicianship” by the Boston Musical Intelligencer, the Megalopolis Saxophone Orchestra (MSO) brings together high-caliber musicians from Boston, New York City, and surrounding metropolitan areas. By combining the group’s interest in neglected works from the saxophone orchestra repertoire, as well as presenting new works for a historically rich instrument, the MSO strives to provide a vibrant landscape for the saxophone in the twenty-first century. Since premiering Alex Burtzos’s Megalopolis at their inaugural concert, the MSO has commissioned composers including Jesse Limbacher, Gleb KanasevichNima Janmohammadi, Hayes Biggs, and Lara Poe. Alongside these new works, the ensemble has presented national and local premieres of original works by Stephen Dankner (USA), Werner Wolf Glaser (Sweden), Edmund Jolliffe (UK), and Walter Hartley (USA).

For their 2018-19 season, the Megalopolis Saxophone Orchestra will present four concerts at venues including the First Church of Cambridge (Cambridge, MA) and the DiMenna Center for Classical Music (NY, NY). Their first two concerts of the year will include the world premiere of a new large-scale work dedicated to the ensemble by Manhattan School of Music faculty member Hayes Biggs. In addition, the MSO will present the prize-winning works from their Call for Scores, highlighting emerging composers across the globe.

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