The Megalopolis Saxophone Orchestra:

When the French scholar Jean Gottmann (1915-1994) was asked about his first trip to the eastern seaboard of America in 1942, the most striking feature he discovered was "the density of great cities along this coast, from Boston to Washington…it resulted obviously from the coalescence, recently achieved, of a chain of metropolitan areas, each of which grew around a substantial urban nucleus. The super-metropolitan character of this vast area, the greatest such growth ever observed, called for a special name. We chose the word ‘Megalopolis’...”

As defined by Gottman in his study "Megalopolis or the Urbanization of the Northeastern Seaboard," (1957), the aim of the Megalopolis Saxophone Orchestra (MSO) is to bring together high-caliber musicians from Boston, New York City, and surrounding metropolian areas. Utilizing this diverse group of artists, audiences will gain an awareness of the saxophone orchestra's unique instrumentation, repertoire, and history since the nineteenth century through performances, lectures, and outreach events.

The MSO gave its inaugural concert at the Dana Hall School of Music on April 9th, 2017. On top of exploring traditional repertoire for the saxophone orchestra, this concert included the world premiere of a piece written expressly for the group by composer Alex Burtzos.  In addition, the MSO presented the Boston premiere of British composer Edmund Jolliffe's Breathe for ten saxophones and piano with pianist Chelsea Whitaker. The Megalopolis Saxophone Orchestra received funding for this inaugural concert through a generous grant from New England Conservatory.

If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation towards the MSO and its future projects, please visit here.